Calling the Next Generation of Leaders

Culture changes rapidly. Ironically, religious organizatons can be slow to understand and even slower to respond. Living in fast-paced times brings the challenge of engaging culture without becoming enmeshed in it. If you're a leader you know that leading in ministry settings can be like running in water. Take heart, you're not alone and your time has come. If the Message still makes your heart beat fast and if you're crazy about Jesus but not so crazy about the religious structures that have developed around Him, this is your moment. There's much to do and the world is watching. And we've been waiting for you. Welcome home!

 "The Next Leadership Association is challenging independent young leaders by directing them to be creative in expressing their faith and doing so outside of the simplistic political ideology that so dominates Evangelical Christianity in today's world. My prayer is that they will do much to bring forth the kind of people that that church needs for the 21st century." - Tony Campolo

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